Adult Day Services: Allowing Individuals to Be More Independent

With Americans living a longer and more robust lifestyle, staying independent as they age is important to them. While most adults say they plan to live in their homes for the rest of their lives, there are concerns about social isolation and memory challenges, among others.  Today we’ll look at the adult day services provided through Cassia’s Open Circle Adult Day Services.

Knowing the age-related challenges older adults face each day, Cassia’s Open Circle Adult Day Services provides respite for caregivers while also helping people with changing physical, cognitive and/or social abilities to enjoy fulfilling lives in a structured and nurturing setting. Open Circle members develop new friendships, use their skills and strengthen their abilities to remain vital in the community. Individuals can attend one of the adult day centers two to five days a week and will find an environment which enables them to thrive and stay more independent.

The individuals who come to our centers have a wide range of cognitive and physical abilities. We begin by assessing each person’s physical, social and spiritual well-being, and from there develop a plan with the family that is tailored to the member’s needs. Whether that be joining the choir, working on community service projects or helping to welcome newcomers, everyone contributes, drawing from his or her strengths. Each day provides learning opportunities, stimulating conversations, interactive activities and engaging entertainment, allowing the member to choose and participate in the programs that reflect their interests and abilities. 

Cassia’s Open Circle Adult Day Services include the following as well as others:

  • Support for caregivers – Includes regular communications with caregivers to assist with peace of mind and help to relieve stress. Support groups offered at each center provide support that goes beyond respite.
  • Health and wellness – Daily health checkups, chronic care management, and medication administration by registered nurses are just some of the on-site health care provided by our interdisciplinary teams. Rehabilitative therapies are also offered at all sites. 
  • Personal care – Nutritious snacks and lunches, daily exercise and supportive services are some of the ways Open Circle promotes healthy living. We also offer assistance with daily routines such as bathing/showering and personal care services. 
  • Spiritual support – To help nurture spiritual life, the opportunity to express one’s faith for members as well as caregivers.

With three convenient locations in Apple Valley, Hopkins and at Heritage Park Senior Services Center in Minneapolis, each center offers recreation, programs, personal care, respite and social connections to individuals with memory loss or other emotional and physical needs. The professional staff at each location provide respite and peace of mind to families and caregivers when the responsibilities become overwhelming.

Cassia’s Open Circle believes in community and connection in an environment that promotes healthy living and personal independence. Older adults contribute so much to the vibrancy of the communities we serve. Members will find variety and structure, along with authentic connections with others and a sense of purpose and belonging. Contact us today to learn more about how Cassia’s adult day centers may fit your needs.

Cassia is a non-profit organization that provides senior housing, health care and community-based services to older generations and others in need. In doing this we are helping residents live the lives that most inspire them, when and where they need care. Cassia offers a variety of services to help meet the changing needs of those we serve, care community options to help residents live their life to its fullest, and increasing the ability to live independently through technology, home modifications and adult day services. To learn how Cassia can help you and your aging loved one, contact us today.