Water, Water Everywhere … Update

By Jo Ann M. Colton

The happenings of December 18, 2021 are not just “water-under-the-bridge” memories for the seniors and staff of Elk Run Assisted Living, 31383 Frost Way, in Evergreen but ones they all recall with clarity.

“Almost 2 months later, it still feels like yesterday,” said Lisa Carter, Director of Admissions/Marketing, who was the manager on duty. “At mid-morning water began pouring from the third-floor sprinkler system on the building’s east end and flooded its way into the first-floor dining room where the water measured mid-calf deep. Suddenly the alarm went off… Without forewarning we had to evacuate and relocate every resident for two days until we could get things back to normal. Everyone remained calm, nobody got hurt, and families came to take their loved ones home; two families even took other residents with them for a ‘sleepover.’”

The updates are that Elk Run staff/residents, cheerfully banding together, are back in the building and working toward final closure in this matter. The Activities Room and Library now house the community’s dining tables thereby maintaining congregate dining for all; the Club Room is being used for daily activities. Residents of damaged/uninhabitable apartments are residing onsite in other units.

“The apartment of Richard Wales was completely destroyed yet Richard has been such a gentleman about it with a great attitude,” said Lisa Carter. “Richard says ‘you can complain, but that’s not going to work.’ He has been a real sport.”

“Everybody has been very cooperative and helpful in every manner they can here at Elk Run,” said Richard Wales. “Hopefully I will be back in my normal lifestyle in the next few weeks. I’m looking forward to it.”

Reconstruction is underway. Tradesmen are working expediently to replace drywall in some areas and rebuild/restore/repair damaged stairwells, apartments, and other portions of the building; but there is still much to be done. The project will also result in a newly remodeled, beautiful dining room, which is truly the heart of this community. Although Elk Run has insurance, some damage was so extensive that insurance won’t cover all of the repair costs. If you would like to help out the Elk Run community by making a donation, please visit: http://weblink.donorperfect.com/RestoreElkRun. For more information about Elk Run’s services, programs, and living options, contact Lisa Carter at 303-679-8777.

The Elk Run Assisted Living community knows it cannot spell the word support, without the “u” and thus in its recent time of crisis it extends gratitude for the help it has received from: Evergreen Fire/Rescue, Jeffco Sheriff’s deputies, Jeffco Public Schools, Life Care Center of Evergreen, Comfort Suites, Mount Evans Hospice, families of Elk Run residents, Elk Run staff, and the people of Evergreen and the surrounding foothills communities.