The Face of Cassia

Social Worker, Miranda Melberg

Face of Caring – March 2021

At Lakeside Generations in Dassel, Minnesota, staff praise Social Worker Miranda Melberg for her compassion and caring. During the past year, she did a stellar job at last minute room changes and worked tirelessly to ensure family members were informed and able to see their loved ones as much as possible. She is also known for being genuine, kind and respectful in her relationships witth residents, families and coworkers.

In a recent survey it was said, “I want to recognize the people who we met at the meetings (at care conferences). They were good people.” Another family member stated during a survey that, “Miranda does a fabulous job. You leave her a message, she calls you back. I have brought Gene some things during lock down and she is really good at getting it at the doors and making sure he gets it.”

Cassia is honored that Miranda has chosen to work with us for the past seven years.