Mindset is Key to Embracing Community Living 

By Jo Ann M. Colton

It’s a fact of life that every day you live, you get another day older. But the real crux of the matter is being able to truly live the life you want to live EVERY day in an environment that makes you feel happy! A positive attitude, conscious awareness of things that affect your life and the proper state-of-mind are paramount to being able to live your best life.

Navigating through various life changes is never easy; and, Elk Run Assisted Living understands that change becomes more difficult to manage as we age. Although safety, security, isolation, loneliness, and other factors can lead people to relocate themselves or their loved ones to an assisted living community, the process involved in making the actual move a reality first begins with having the right mindset about your reasons to seek assisted living. Once people get beyond the denial phase and begin to believe the reasons that necessitate the move, the next stages usually entail careful research, discussion, and consideration before that collective family decision is reached.   

One Elk Run Assisted Living resident in her 80s summed it up quite nicely when she said, “Once I grasped that I could no longer perform daily tasks and properly take care of myself on my own, it was an easy transition to move from my home to Elk Run Assisted Living in Evergreen. I just had to embrace the mindset to AcknowledgeAccept, and Adjust. I feel safe and secure at the Elk Run community and I love the residents, activities, and the entire staff.”

“Our residents are upbeat and joyful,” said Admissions/Marketing Director Lisa Carter. “They appreciate all the opportunities associated with Elk Run living and happily participate in Tai Chi classes, bingo, onsite clubs/groups (book, coffee, garden, the handbell choir), offsite outings, and social activities that reconnect them with old friends and foster new friendships.”

If you are a senior contemplating moving from your home, know that Elk Run Assisted Living at 31383 Frost Way offers 24/7 comprehensive services for seniors that include not only assisted living, medical, respite, personalized care, and hospice; but also, independent living for people 65-years old and over yearning to live a more carefree life. Elk run’s remodeled basic one-bedroom or studio apartment rentals showcase a long list of amenities, three daily wholesome meals served in the elegant newly-renovated dining room, a professional beauty/barber salon, Great Room, and a Library with internet service. 

Elk Run’s goal is “to help you live the life that most inspires you.” So, if you are looking to make a residence change, come “home” to Elk Run Assisted Living. Contact Admissions/Marketing Director Lisa Carter at 303-679-8777 regarding Elk Run’s services, programs, and living options.