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Marketing Director Matt Scherr Hopes You’ll Visit Castle Peak Welcome Center

Many people in Eagle County may remember Matt Scherr as campaign coordinator for the Castle Peak Senior Care Community’s capital campaign. In December of 2015, he became Castle Peak’s new marketing director. Matt helps older adults and their families who need guidance when searching for living options that best fit their needs.

You can find Matt in Castle Peak’s Welcome Center at 1180 Capitol Street, Unit 101, Eagle Ranch Village in Eagle—just across the road from the site that will soon be the Castle Peak Senior Care Community. Matt will be at the Welcome Center until Castle Peak opens in 2016. He can be reached at or 970-989-2500.

“I’m here to help people understand the opportunity Castle Peak represents for making our community whole,” Matt says. He will soon begin calling people on the existing interest list to determine if they wish to move to Castle Peak.

“Our interest list contains the names of people who want to know more about the new care community, but it’s not an official waiting list,” Matt says. He is contacting each person on the interest list (in first-come first-served order) to ask if they wish to reserve a place and has created a reservation list which can be held with deposits.

Matt’s past experience includes providing planning and strategic consulting services for small organizations along with other services including administration/management, bookkeeping, communications and marketing. He was also executive director at Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability and program manager for Vail Leadership Institute.

His experience in building relationships at Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability taught Matt that “how our community will progress into the future to be inclusive, fair, healthy and sustainable is a question that engages every person in every role.” Matt is most excited about working directly with people who need the kind of services Castle Peak will provide. “Learning people’s unique stories is the most compelling opportunity this position brings to me,” he says.

As an Eagle County resident, Matt has long believed “one of the things we lacked in the past is a large population of older adults. Yet we all know how much how much they add to our lives,” he points out. “I’m excited for the next generation because they can finally have a critical community component they never had before.”

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