Celebrating the Hostess with the ‘Most-est’

By Jo Ann M. Colton

Mame Dennis, the Manhattan-bred movie character of Auntie Mame (Lucille Ball/1974), took the south by storm and added a kick to Georgia’s Mint Julep. Likewise, Coloradan Margaret “Shorty” Martinez has proven to be a sensational, inspirational force at breakfast and lunch (Monday-through-Friday) at Evergreen’s Elk Run Assisted Living community. She joined its staff six months ago!

Martinez had no previous hospitality or senior living experience. She answered Elk Run’s ad for a Dining Room Hostess and was pleasantly surprised when she was hired. Elk Run now has mealtime spans of two hours to accommodate residents. This community benefit and improvement caused issues with the caregivers’ schedule and creating the new hostess position was the solution.

“I had been employed as a scale house operator in a scrapyard, so this job opportunity was a 180-degree shift from my skills and previous work experience,” said Shorty Martinez. She rides a Harley and was nicknamed “Shorty” by her friends because she’s one-inch shy of being five feet tall.

Shorty Goes Above and Beyond

The Elk Run community, 31383 Frost Way, opines that Shorty’s upbeat personality is contagious! She goes above and beyond to foster new friendships among residents. She elevates the quality of life for all community members.  

Many residents commented that they “have never seen a person that goes so much out of her way to help people.” 

“She is so funny. She makes you feel so good about yourself,” said one Elk Run member.

“Don’t you love the nicknames she puts on people. They fit them so well,” said another who acknowledged that Shorty dubbed two residents Laverne and Shirley because they are always together. Another group is known as The Three Amigos.

“Don’t you love her work ethics? Shorty won’t do a job halfway. She jumps right on a problem and won’t go home until it’s done.” An Elk Run resident recalled that after the last big snowstorm, when the cook was unable to travel to Elk Run in the inclement weather, Shorty wound up actually cooking breakfast for the residents. “She makes me laugh so much you don’t mind waiting a little for your food.”

Humor, Music, Singing and Dancing

Shorty not only caters to the mealtime needs and wants of the residents. She has a knack for knowing how to keep the crowd happy and engaged with her humor and special brand of entertainment (music/singing/dancing).

The Elk Run Assisted Living community extends kudos to Shorty Martinez. “We’re proud to celebrate our Hostess with the ‘most-est!’ You are a joy to have around. You make our dining experience such a pleasure.”

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