The Face of Cassia

Pastor Zink, smiling wearing a blue sweater

Chaplain Terrance Zink

Face of Caring – February 17, 2021 – Ash Wednesday

In honor of Ash Wednesday, Cassia is honoring Chaplain Terrance Zink. He has been the chaplain of Elim Wellspring in Princeton, Minnesota, for just over five years. “Since beginning his journey here, Chaplain Zink has worked hard to understand the grief, losses and joys residents experience,” writes Administrator Todd Lundeen. “He was new to the chaplaincy field when he came to us and has since focused his attention and effort toward learning so much about the older adults that we serve, and their lives. Through our various satisfaction surveys, Elim Wellspring has learned how much Chaplain Zink has brought to our elders and their families—listening closely to their concerns and offering unconditional support and comfort. We praise God for Pastor Terrance!”

Chaplain Zink says working at Elim Wellspring is a wonderful experience. “I enjoy helping people in their everyday lives to connect with the Living God Jesus Christ–nurturing and supporting each one in their journey to Heaven.”